Live and let live

Every one on this planet have their own aspiration towards life. In our quest to achieve our goals we may often block road for others or create hurdles for journey of fellow human beings. We may ignore impact of our actions on other living beings on this planet, we tend to forget that we are just a minute part in this planet and we need a stable ecosystem around us in order to survive. We may tend to ignore the resource share of future generations. This should not be the case to sustain our own growth, we need to be sensitive to fellow human beings and other life on this planet. Our philosophy should not be like beggar thy neighbor or living at the cost of others. Our way of life should be "Live and let live".

That doesn't mean we live a passive life with respect to others. Grow and let others grow, help people realize their potential or dreams. Empower the underprivileged and uplift the poor. This is applicable to individuals, societies nation-states and the entire world. There is a famous saying "with greater power comes greater responsibility". If you are in a big position it is not just because of your intellect or hard work, the society around you help you unleash your potential to achieve this. So you have every responsibility towards the society in which you have grown or transformed.

Similar analogy can be seen in terms of development of various countries. Rich countries are the one's who best utilized the natural resource of the land and because of that they are in that development phase today. They would need to support least developed countries in their efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change, usage of modern technology to make best use of the available resources.

Animal and plant kingdoms gave us food, shelter and valuable resource base for industry. They help in maintaining ecological balance on the earth, which sustains us today. Man animal conflict should not limit spaces for animals to live on this planet. Conserving the resource base for the future generations is the need of the hour to sustain humanity in the coming years.

Long term ill effects of beggar thy neighbor strategies can be seen in the era of competitive devaluation of currencies by major economies which was originally triggered by China. Now every major economy including China is a victim of that kind of policies, world markets collapsed, economy is slowing down and indications of slowdown are visible. It is equally applicable to business organisations, their policies of predatory pricing, elimination of competitors may ultimately destroy the sector thereby their own business.

So living and letting others live and grow along with us is in the interest of one and all.


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