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Dream of smart cities

Of late the buzzword in INDIA is SMART CITIES. The word itself raises curiosity about the constituents of the city. It sounds good, but there are enormous challenges in making the city SMART. First, question is definition of SMART CITY.Second,whether smart city will be made by rejuvenating and retrofitting the existing city or it will be developed in entirely new city? Third,what will be source of funding for city development? finally,what is the governance structure of these cities?         According to 2011 census,India has 32% of urban population which nearly amounts to 400 million people and it is projected by 2050 it will reach to 70%. This shows the enormity of the challenge and shows the present style of city functioning will be untenable in future.
DEFINITION::        Even though there is no definite description of smart city as it vary from country to country, the broad contours of the city remains same everywhere. It can defined,as an urban agglomeration where all civic ser…