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Show that 1+i is a prime element in the ring R of Gaussian integers


Live and let live

Every one on this planet have their own aspiration towards life. In our quest to achieve our goals we may often block road for others or create hurdles for journey of fellow human beings. We may ignore impact of our actions on other living beings on this planet, we tend to forget that we are just a minute part in this planet and we need a stable ecosystem around us in order to survive. We may tend to ignore the resource share of future generations. This should not be the case to sustain our own growth, we need to be sensitive to fellow human beings and other life on this planet. Our philosophy should not be like beggar thy neighbor or living at the cost of others. Our way of life should be "Live and let live". That doesn't mean we live a passive life with respect to others. Grow and let others grow, help people realize their potential or dreams. Empower the underprivileged and uplift the poor. This is applicable to individuals, societies nation-states and the entire

How to take printout of A3 size content on A4 size paper

Suppose we have this A3 size page Cut this image into two parts Use Foxit or any image to pdf converter Now you can print them back-to-back on A4 paper

CSR Ideas for Ola and Uber

You can bring the rural children to schools… This can be for profit or part of your corporate social responsibility [CSR]… Think about this small but powerful idea…